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Aeon Games is open for business

Posted on Aug 11, 2016

Welcome to Aeon Games Publishing. Our website is now open for business! It’s been a long haul but by the start of September we will have printed copies of the Mythras Core RulesClassic Fantasy and Mythras Imperative. And as a taster to get you started the rules for Mythras Imperative are available now as a free download.

Aeon Games is a collaborative venture set up by three gaming enthusiasts with the help of an established publisher to bring innovative and exciting games to the UK and Europe at an affordable price.

We are very pleased that our initial venture is with the brilliant US-based Design Mechanism for the UK and European license of their amazing Mythras role-playing game. 

We hope over the next months and years to also start publishing our own material and carve our own little niche in the gaming community. In the meantime take a look at the amazing world of Mythras. Let the magic and mayhem begin!

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