Fun (and games) at the UK Games Expo

Posted on Jun 12, 2017

We’ve recently returned from a visit to the UK Games Expo, held in Birmingham at the start of June. This was the first time Aeon Games has exhibited at UKGE and we hope it will be the first of many.

The event, held over three days, is the UK’s biggest gaming event. It includes not just roleplaying games but also card games, board games, family games and miniature games. Held in the enormous NEC, the event claims to have at least 25,000 visitors over the three days.

We set up the Aeon Games stall in the main trade hall, feeling rather minnow-like compared to the mighty edifices constructed by a few of the big companies nearby. One across from us had actual scaffolding! But the majority of the exhibitors were of a similar size to us and content with a modest stall to show off their wares. 

For us the three days were very successful. We met lots of people and had some interesting chats about roleplaying (and life in general). There were plenty of hardened roleplayers who knew the Mythras system intimately and didn’t need convincing of its merits, others who played using other systems but were open to new ones, and many many people who were being introduced to RPG for possibly the first time.

We gave away several hundred copies of the introductory rulebook Mythras Imperative so we hope to have gained plenty of new admirers for the system. We also sold lots of copies of the Core Rules which is encouraging, as well as quite a few of the supplements to people already inducted to the Mythras system.

It was also great to meet lots of other companies and be introduced in turn to their innovative games. We particularly liked one next door that used bottle tops as counters for play!

Something that we might consider for the future is having a demo table at our stand, as people evidently really like to see a game in progress, particularly if they are new to RPG. 

All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend and we’re grateful to all those who came and chatted to us about Mythras, sharing excellent insights and suggestions. We hope you had a great time too. We look forward to seeing you again at future events, and in the meantime do sign up to our mailing list to hear first about new releases and special offers.

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Varadia: Realms of the Kolossi

Posted on Nov 02, 2016

The continent of Varadia offers a rich new world for players of the Mythras games, introducing fresh landscapes, races and styles of combat, and many new causes to rally behind in this ancient place, steeped in bloody history. 


A thousands years in the past the arrival of the godless men, shattered the relative peace on the continent of Varadia and its great inland sea. The more primitive indigenous peoples, were driven away or enslaved. But soon the conquerers fell out and engaged in a mighty struggle. Both factions unleashed huge armies and awesome magic to fight each other to a standstill. The greatest practitioners of magic were warped by the powers they unleashed, transforming into dragons or giants, the Kolossi. Still this was not enough, so they mutilated their foot soldiers into unstoppable abominations and summoned even more unspeakable creatures from realms unknown.

The Kolossi shook off the shackles of their imperial masters, created their own armies and began carving out realms for themselves. Soon civilisation was pushed to the brink of destruction, and would have tipped over the edge, were it not for the Elves and the Humans working in alliance. They were unable to destroy the Kolossi, but used great warding magics to bind these fell sorcerers deep underground, far away from the reach of men.

The remaining troops of humanity drove the leaderless abominations from the land and built the giant Wytchwall, which even today holds back the dreadful hordes. The land was shattered, strewn with strange magics and stranger beasts, and has taken many centuries to recover to the stage where nations start to have dreams of conquest once again…

Characters may encounter the hidden order of Loreseekers, who hope to destroy the Wards and wrest the secrets of the Kolossi for themselves, or they may aid the Lore Wardens, who struggle to keep evil entombed underground. 

They may travel to Jaltan, famed for its slave soldiers, but might be more interested in finding their way into the sealed libraries of their forebears. They will encounter the cults of the Cowled Man, the Arm of the Serpent and the Temple of the Dawn, but will they dare enter The Putrid City?  They may wish to avoid the land of Ittill, where the Canine Lords are worshipped and many an unwary traveller has gone missing. 

We hope ‘Realms of the Kolossi’ will be available from Aeon Games in early 2018, meanwhile look out for more information on this blog.

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mythrasClassic Fantasy is an attempt to capture the feel of 1st and 2nd edition D&D, but using a more realistic and gritty skill-based game system. I have always enjoyed D&D much more at low levels, where every fight offers the chance of death, and where encounters with even kobolds and goblins are a challenge. Classic Fantasy offers heroic levels of play, but never forcing a campaign to outgrow the creatures that make lower level play exciting. In a way, Classic Fantasy is similar to playing a computer role playing game on “Hardcore Mode”, and it tends to feel more like one of the many fantasy novels that are based on these other game systems than the system they’re actually based on. For example, in many novels, opponents are typically dispatched with one or two solid hits, main characters may take a grueling wound to the arm that renders it useless, and an otherwise powerful fighter could be felled by being outnumbered by a small force of weaker opponents. While this is a common occurrence in novels, movies, and so on, it is seldom recreated in level-based games. However, in Classic Fantasy, it is a common challenge.

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What is Mythras?

Posted on Sep 15, 2016

mythrasDuring the late seventies and early eighties RuneQuest was one of the “Big Three” roleplaying games in Britain, and has remained in print for almost four decades since it first hit the shelves. The first percentile dice roleplaying system, it embraced the idea of characters defined by the skills they decide to learn and master, rather than the restrictive abilities a class provides. This idea was so successful, it is still in use today in similarly popular games like Call of Cthulhu.


Of course, this was not the only reason for its success. The game embraced the concept of competitive dice-rolling, had (compared to its rivals) relatively simple rules, and the setting to which it was tied was utterly fantastic, eschewing the traditional medieval vibe. In short, the game was tremendous fun and easy to play!

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mythras2016 sees a sort of rebirth for The Design Mechanism. First there is the release of Mythras and Mythras Imperative, our renamed game system. While it might not exactly be brand spanking new, it represents for us a new freedom as a company and is accompanied by our partnership with Aeon Games Publishing, enabling us to bring our products faster and cheaper to our many friends and followers in the UK and Europe. This is a significant development for a small games company, and it signals our desire to grow beyond the confines of our previous focus.

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