What to expect from The Design Mechanism and Mythras

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

mythras2016 sees a sort of rebirth for The Design Mechanism. First there is the release of Mythras and Mythras Imperative, our renamed game system. While it might not exactly be brand spanking new, it represents for us a new freedom as a company and is accompanied by our partnership with Aeon Games Publishing, enabling us to bring our products faster and cheaper to our many friends and followers in the UK and Europe. This is a significant development for a small games company, and it signals our desire to grow beyond the confines of our previous focus.


mythrasAccompanying Mythras are a variety of new products. First is Mythic Rome, an updating of Pete Nash’s acclaimed treatment of the Republic that deservedly claimed a Silver Ennie when first released. With new layout and artwork, this book is fully compatible with Mythras and is still a go-to book for anyone remotely interested in Rome’s history, culture, and politics.


Also in our Mythic line are Mythic Britain: Logres, which expands the Mythic Britain game to cover the Saxon peoples and tells a campaign story from their side; and Mythic Constantinople, which is a sweeping sandbox campaign, penned by Mark Shirley, in the dying days of the city as the Ottoman Empire closes on the Sublime Gate. Pete is also hard at work on Mythic Greece, which will bring to life the classic heroes, gods, and legends, along with the attention to historical detail and realism Pete is renowned for.


Luther Arkwright fans will be pleased to know that they have an entire scenario pack on the way: Parallel Lines consists of eight loosely linked adventures featuring Disruptor schemes, psychic breakdowns, post apocalyptic landscapes and epic journeys aboard train and airship.


And beyond that are more scenarios and more campaigns. We are also branching into play aids with Combat Cards, a deck of high quality cards depicting combat special effects and other in-game resources that make combat even more fun than it already is. More play aids will follow, and even a GM screen is highly possible.


The Design Mechanism and Mythras aim to be around for a long time. We hope you enjoy this new beginning and want to stay onboard to see what each stop and site brings. Whether you buy our books and games from Aeon, us, your local game store or even Drivethru, we’re glad you’re with us and look forward to the journey.


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