Varadia: Realms of the Kolossi

Posted on Nov 02, 2016

The continent of Varadia offers a rich new world for players of the Mythras games, introducing fresh landscapes, races and styles of combat, and many new causes to rally behind in this ancient place, steeped in bloody history. 


A thousands years in the past the arrival of the godless men, shattered the relative peace on the continent of Varadia and its great inland sea. The more primitive indigenous peoples, were driven away or enslaved. But soon the conquerers fell out and engaged in a mighty struggle. Both factions unleashed huge armies and awesome magic to fight each other to a standstill. The greatest practitioners of magic were warped by the powers they unleashed, transforming into dragons or giants, the Kolossi. Still this was not enough, so they mutilated their foot soldiers into unstoppable abominations and summoned even more unspeakable creatures from realms unknown.

The Kolossi shook off the shackles of their imperial masters, created their own armies and began carving out realms for themselves. Soon civilisation was pushed to the brink of destruction, and would have tipped over the edge, were it not for the Elves and the Humans working in alliance. They were unable to destroy the Kolossi, but used great warding magics to bind these fell sorcerers deep underground, far away from the reach of men.

The remaining troops of humanity drove the leaderless abominations from the land and built the giant Wytchwall, which even today holds back the dreadful hordes. The land was shattered, strewn with strange magics and stranger beasts, and has taken many centuries to recover to the stage where nations start to have dreams of conquest once again…

Characters may encounter the hidden order of Loreseekers, who hope to destroy the Wards and wrest the secrets of the Kolossi for themselves, or they may aid the Lore Wardens, who struggle to keep evil entombed underground. 

They may travel to Jaltan, famed for its slave soldiers, but might be more interested in finding their way into the sealed libraries of their forebears. They will encounter the cults of the Cowled Man, the Arm of the Serpent and the Temple of the Dawn, but will they dare enter The Putrid City?  They may wish to avoid the land of Ittill, where the Canine Lords are worshipped and many an unwary traveller has gone missing. 

We hope ‘Realms of the Kolossi’ will be available from Aeon Games in early 2018, meanwhile look out for more information on this blog.

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